How To Gain Weight In a Week

Body Appearance is something that grabs everyone's attention to you. So, underweighted people mus wanna know how to gain weight? Well, there are many ways to gain weight but you must have to take care of the ways you are applying are beneficial to your body. 

A lot of weight gaining supplements are in the market nowadays, but the supplements can harm your body's other functions. So apply the selective ways to gain weight. we understand that gaining weight is also as difficult as losing the weight. People might think that Gaining weight takes a lot of time with food and exercise. So that's not the fact. 

Here we are presenting the tips about "How to gain weight in a week?" But you need to set the schedule and must follow it. Keep remembering there's no short cut to gain weight without dedications. Here's one thing that you might need to know that what's being underweighted actually means. 

What's Being Underweighted Actually Means?

how to gain weight

Well,  sometimes people try to gain weight due to medically unfit results. So according to some researches, Standard BMI (Body mass index) is 18.15 to 24.9 for both men and women. If your BMI is then 18.15, You'll be considered as being underweight. 

Here's one thing to be noted, that some BMI doesn't count the muscle mass but only hight and weight. 

So if BMI scales show you less than 18.15, that's not mean you are not healthy. 
However, If you really wanna know "how to gain weight?" to look attractive, Read the tips till the end and apply.

Required Calories To Gain weight:

How To Gain Weight In a Week

The calorie requirements are different for every individual. So first determine the required calories for your body, and add 500-6oo more calories in the required amount. 

It doesn't mean you have to eat food more times than usual, simply add rich-calorie food in your diet plan. It'll help you to chase your task of "how to gain weight in a week?"

how to gain weight

A nutritious diet is the main part to gain weight quickly. Planning diet is as important to gain weight as to lose weight. Add extremely nutritious food to eating routine which fleshes your thin makeup as well as keeps up your wellbeing. 

Foods such as beans, banana shake, eggs, vegetables, nuts, butter, dairy products having low fats, are really valuable to achieve the undertaking "how to gain weight". It would be ideal if you evade these foods, for example, fries, confections, burgers and so forth fries, candies, burgers etc, since they make you fluffy yet can't keep up wellbeing too.

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Role Of Nutritious Drinks to Gain Weight:

How To Gain Weight In a Week

Well when it comes to drinks, You should be as selective to adding drinks in your plan as about other food. Add some calories rich beverages in your routine. You can get the weight quickly by adding the drinks because of drinks are frequently used as compared to other food, like after a workout, after playing an outdoor game, mostly in summer. 

Here's a thing to consider, people might think of colas and readymade juices as a rich calories drinks. Yes, these are high calories drinks and can help you to gain weight but not in a healthy way. 

Here fresh home-made juices are recommended to gain weight and health as well, because you have to attain the goal of "how to gain weight" but in the healthiest way.

Drinking Sufficient water to Gain Weight:

how to gain weight

Well, when we are providing you with tips of "how to gain weight in a week?" It's important to discuss the importance of water also. Usage of water is important to be hydrated. Water is needed by the body to perform all functions fastly including digestion. So Take 8-10 ounces of water daily.

Role of Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner:

How To Gain Weight In a Week

There's a saying, "Have breakfast like a king, Have Lunch like a Prince, and Have Dinner like Poor man". Actually, the reality behind this is that having healthy food in breakfast and lunch is beneficial for the body because it digested easily during all full day activities. 

While taking heavy food in dinner is not recommended. After dinner usually, people go to sleep and during sleep, fewer calorie burns. 

Exercise While Gaining Weight:

how to gain weight

While you are pursuing to gain weight, Don't forget the value of workout and exercise. The workout is the key to add the calories in muscles because Your goal isn't to be fluffy only but also having health. 

Go to the gym daily, lift weights, do muscles workout, and ask more from the instructor so you could enjoy a healthy weight gain. Particularly there are some exercises for women like chest fly, deadlift, overhead press, bench press, and pushups. 

Some Additional Tips to Gain Weight:

How To Gain Weight In a Week

Above mentioned tips are greatly helpful for one to gain weight. However, here are some other tips, required to be implemented to attain your Goal of "How to gain weight in a week?"

  1. We understand the gaining weight is a little bit difficult process, so along with all the above-mentioned dieting tips, one should show consistency and dedication towards their goal. 
  2. Yes, Above mentioned tips are about gaining weight in a week but you might see the results after some time. The reason is that your body needs some time to leave the previous weight scale. So don't stop doing all this after a week.
  3. Smoke is also considered as weight loss so Avoid smoking while you are on the way to gain more weight.
  4. Always take a proper sleep in order to gain healthy weight and muscles. 
  5. Drinking water before mealtime is not recommended because it might fill up your tummy and You wouldn't be able to eat a proper meal. 
  6. Full-size Plates also plays a role in all this If you wanna eat more calories. Because Small-size plates are assumed to contain less amount of food.
  7. Take milk daily. Even try to drink milk not only in the morning and night but also during the daytime when you feel thrust. It'll provide you with protein and rich calories as well. 
  8. Don't only rely on the timely meal but Try to have some snacks while working. Doing so will continuously add calories to your body and you'll gain weight quickly.
  9. Do not use any weight gaining drugs or supplements. If needed, first consult your physician. Although multivitamins and proteins supplements are beneficial But it is recommended to use after instructions.
  10. Skipping breakfast or having offtime meal is also a con nowadays resulting in weight loss. So try to avoid all this if you want to be successful in achieving "how to gain weight in a week?"

Final Words:

How To Gain Weight In a Week Fast

At last, All you need is to plan a diet chart, list all your activities, add some of the tips and dietary products mentioned above. It'll definitely lead you to the main point "how to gain weight?". 

The key thing needed here is your consistency and steadiness because without dedication these tips will be unable to work. 

Just suppose If you'll go with this plan for two days and the next day you skip it and then again start from next day. It wouldn't work and all your dedication of two days will be wasted.